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Orange is a multi-national corporation which specialises in providing primarily in mobile telephone communications. Orange cover a wide range of differing services such as land-lines, internet and television and of coarse Mobile, this includes Mobile Voice and Data.

Orange SignDue to the immense size of the company, finding the exact contact details you need to get an issue sorted isn’t always the easiest task to complete, luckily, we at Contactnumbers.Biz have sourced the very best number to connect you directly to the main Orange Customer Service department who will gladly assist with your enquiry, also within the Orange website they do have a menu which assists you in getting the information you need.

Contact Details

As Orange has a base of operations in most countries around the world, their call centres are open twenty-four seven.

The following departments are accessible via a call to the Orange Customer Service Number 0843 504 0627.

Pay As You Go – Customer Service

This department is here to assist with all queries regarding prepaid phones. From registration and losses all the way up to adding more money onto your SIM, you can call 450 from an Orange handset.

Business – Customer Service

This department / team deal with all business contracts new or existing, or if you have an account which has over 20 handsets. You can also call the Orange contact number 158 from an Orange handset.

Home Broadband

The main Orange Customer Services number will put you through to an agent which will assist in issues dealing with your home broadband packages, including down-time, billing and cancellation. You can call 150 from an Orange handset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if there is an error in my phone bill?

It depends which service you have with Orange, but calling any of the numbers stated above will be able to put you through to the correct department to be able to get the issue resolved. The problem with Orange is that since the company is so large, they have many different phone numbers to contact them on. It’s nearly impossible to know every single one to be able to get hold of a specific department fast.

What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?

First, report the phone gone to the police. They will require all the mobile phone information, including the IMEI number. You should then report the phone as gone to Orange themselves by calling the lost and stolen phone number provided (Contract: 07973 100 150 // Pay As You Go: 07973 100 450). They will be able to block the phone so that it is no longer usable by anybody else. After this, if you have insurance for you phone, call them too, to put in a claim for a replacement. It’s important to do all these steps as early as possible to prevent the phone from being misused.

I’m confused! EE? Orange? T-Mobile?

Originally, T-Mobile and Orange were completely different companies. With the release of 4G phones, they grouped together to create the company EE (Everything Everywhere) specifically for phones which use the 4G network. If you were originally with Orange, or T-Mobile, then nothing has changed for you. Continue to use the customer services number you’ve always used.

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All of the above information and a full list of all Orange Customer Service and postal addresses can be found freely within the Public Domain.

Orange Contact Number For Customer Services

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